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Inefficiencies within your company do not announce themselves. Poor processes and ineffective practices do not declare their intention to disrupt your business and cost you money, but it happens within most companies every day.

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Inefficiencies are often invisible and intangible, which is what makes them so dangerous to your business. Slowdowns, customer complaints, delays, and errors impact your company’s reputation and ultimately its bottom line. In the case of products and services, these breakdowns cost you time, money, and sometimes client relationships. And in extreme cases, they impact life-and-death decisions.


The good news is that when you know where to look for problems, it becomes much easier to identify the slowdowns in your operation. When you recognize the warning signs and the symptoms of a broken process, you’re well on your way to fixing it. 

We teach lean and continuous improvement concepts based on waste mitigation and reducing the impact of process waste. We review the elements of a waste walk; as far as, what to look for, examples, potential causes, and potential opportunities for improvement. We also take it one step further  by giving you tips and tools to document and measure the findings in order to quantify not only the impact of the waste but to also  quantify and show the impact of the improvements once they are made. 


Our goal is to help you see the invisible and identify the hard-to-see problems that are undermining your efforts. Because as good as you are today, we can help you be better tomorrow.


This training focuses on lean waste identification and mitigation techniques. Feel free to join an online live training or download the training and view at your convenience.

This training will teach you:

1. What is waste
2. How to identify process waste
3. Ways to mitigate  
4. How to conduct a waste walk
5. How to quantify the findings


In Person Training

We come to you.
We will conduct a one day in person session for up to 20 guests. 

The training includes:

1. A wonderful Instructor
2. Training Materials
3. Customized Process Review and Exercises
4. One on One, Team Coaching, and exercises
5. Knowledge Check



Ask A Black Belt Series

We will host a monthly online meeting where there will be a topic of discussion related to continuous improvement.

You will be able to submit your questions any time and have access to a library of materials related to continuous improvement, lean, and six sigma. This is an annual membership. 


What Our Clients Say

“Tawana is an expert in the area of lean six sigma methodologies. With her leadership and mentoring, we achieved the project under a given timeline with impressive results around eliminating waste and cost savings and providing recommendations for continuous measures and improvements.”


                Faiyaz, Software Engineering Manager

“My coach took time to make sure that I fully grasped concepts and did an incredible job at providing real-life examples when I didn't quite understand a concept. My project's annualized cost savings was $195,326 (1,250 hours), and this led to a chain of process improvements that this project uncovered.”


                                         Kelly, Product Marketing

“AIM was instrumental in helping me understand each step of the Lean Six Sigma process and how it applied to my everyday processes at work. It will be with me throughout my professional career.” 


                                           Katrice, Product Owner

“AIM provided critical insights into process analysis, data gathering and analysis, and project management. Most importantly, my coach helped me balance expectations – my own and those of the stakeholders – with a steady, thorough progression through the DMAIC process.”


                                             Micah, Senior Liaison

“Tawana is an amazing instructor. I always learn something new from her that I can immediately apply in my current position.” 


   Satya, Personalization and Customer Experience

“My coach provided the needed guidance and recommendations in order to meet the deliverables. Her skills, knowledge of quality tools, and methodologies have provided favorable results.” 


                                    AC, Senior Analyst - SSBB

“AIM ensured I understood the DMAIC process and truly taught me how to capture and measure data to make sound decisions. When I was stuck, my coach helped me understand by giving concrete examples.”


                                            Holly, Project Manager

No matter whether your outcomes are physical or transactional, we can improve your company’s performance by identifying the places where it isn’t functioning at its best, and then help your team to develop better processes. Working together, we’ll help your team catch problems faster, educate your workforce, and sustain your improvements.
Our process is systematic, repeatable, and proven.


Our goal is to help you see the invisible and identify the hard-to-see problems that are undermining your efforts. Because as good as you are today, we can help you be better tomorrow.

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