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Inefficiencies within your company don’t announce themselves. 


Poor processes and ineffective practices don’t declare their intention to disrupt your business and cost you money, but it happens within most companies every day. 


In fact, these inefficiencies are often invisible and intangible, which is what makes them so dangerous to your business. Slowdowns, customer complaints, delays, and errors impact your company’s reputation and ultimately its bottom line. In the case of products and services, these breakdowns cost you time, money, and sometimes client relationships. And in extreme cases, they impact life-and-death decisions.


The good news is that when you know where to look for problems, it becomes much easier to identify the slowdowns in your operation. When you recognize the warning signs and the symptoms of a broken process, you’re well on your way to fixing it. 


And whether your outcomes are physical or transactional, we can improve your company’s performance by identifying the places where it isn’t functioning at its best, and then helping your team to develop better systems. Working together, we’ll help your team catch problems faster, educate your workforce, and sustain your improvements. Our process is systematic, repeatable, and proven.


Our goal is to help you see the invisible and identify the hard-to-see problems that are undermining your efforts. Because as good as you are now, we can help you be better.

AIM mentors and develops continuous improvement practitioners in order to empower them to manage projects in their respective facilities by giving them the tools that they need in order to work projects confidently and independently. 


We can help you catch problems faster, educate your workforce, and enhance your lean journey. We work with your team to makes sure that change is sustained. We educate your team in lean concepts in order to help them understand what to look for and how to address it. Our process is systematic, repeatable, and it works.

Oftentimes a consultant comes in, works their magic and they leave. Also, there is usually no one to drive or monitor the change, and once the consultant leaves, so do the "gains" from the project.


Instead of hiring a consultant each time there is a problem, now you have one at your finger tips. You can ask us questions. You can send us documents, pictures, and video. We are here for you to help support your lean and continuous improvement initiatives.

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