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Lean is not just for manufacturing environments. This course will teach project managers how to use lean to improve project results. This is a more focused discussion on Using Lean Six Sigma tools to improve project outcomes in terms of reducing lead time, costs, resources, and increasing efficiency. This is an in depth look at specific wastes, challenge viewpoints, and a discussion on potential remedies. 


You will learn about several types of lean waste. Traditionally there are 8 lean wastes, I am going to teach you more than 10 including a list for the AGILE community. Then I will show you how to generate ideas for mitigation or improvement and tell you how to apply the techniques to your projects. 


Eventhough I am a formally trainied Six Sigma Master Black belt, I was a project manager for the federal government many years and I used these techniques many times. I have finally packaged the things that worked and making it available to you. 

Back to Basics: Using Lean for Project Managers

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